Professional Tree Trimming

Trimming has several purposes: It's important to keep deadwood and undesirable limbs trimmed off your trees.  Your tree doesn't know if a limb is dead so it spends energy trying to feed it instead of feeding healthy limbs. So food is derailed on its way to the top of your tree's canopy. You must keep a good flow of nutrients to the top of your canopy. A good professional tree trimmer should follow these 3 rules:
  • Listen to what your customer wants
  • Always do at least what you say you're going to do if not more
  • Never ask for money until your customer is happy
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  • You may need to trim to clear your roofline
  • To prevent roof, gutter and shingle damage
  • To lift lower limbs to allow for easier mowing
  • To lift lift lower limbs over driveway
  • To clear limbs over your swimming pool
  • To give light to your garden that isn't getting enough light anymore.
Whatever your reason for trimming, there's usually a right way and a wrong way to do it. Let us help you do it the right way!
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